Community Empowerment

  • The work of our Community Navigators helps build Nicer Florida communities and helps them grow into leaders in their community. Community Navigators are immigrants who want to help new immigrants and gain valuable experience as leaders in their local communities.
  • We collaborate with and resource local immigrant communities in Pinellas and Manatee county to support their goals and together organize events that build an understanding in the community of the new immigrant journey
  • We help immigrants who are victims of human trafficking overcome barriers and integrate in the local communities
  • In our newsletter and website blog, we provide opportunities for newcomer immigrants in Pinellas and Manatee county to share unique experiences of challenges and needs 
  • We believe that newcomers can provide the strongest solutions to the challenges faced by their communities. We could not achieve our impact without our community leaders, who work in our programs as community/cultural liaisons. Some of our former community leadership participants are now on our staff