Education is at the core of our services. We help students improve their English, literacy, and other skills on their pathways to schooling, employment, and citizenship. We create safe and welcoming spaces that honor students’ cultures and build a vibrant community.

Our approach is Individual Tutoring and Mentoring! 

NicerFL students are youth and adult newcomer immigrants who live in Pinellas and Manatee counties. We provide personalized educational services to empower them to reach their personal and professional goals!

NicerFL believes every learner is different! Newcomers come with different educational needs, different languages and prior educational experience, different modalities and preferences for learning, and different levels of English language skills! Our tutoring program allows learners to progress according to their own goals and at their own rate!

The diversity of our learners guides our individualized approach to teaching and program design. Our volunteer tutors and mentors receive training and support in using differentiated instructional methods and English Learner teaching strategies tailored to the individual needs of each new immigrant student.  

Individual Tutoring

NicerFL is the only non-profit educational center in Pinellas and Manatee counties in SW Florida that provides one-on-one tutoring and mentoring services to newly arrived immigrants. 

Our newcomer students want to learn, but have to deal with many personal and work obligations and cannot attend regularly scheduled classes. Some struggle in large classes or prefer the one-on-one attention a tutor can provide to meet their specific needs. Our educational program offers newcomers the flexibility to choose their own session times that fit their life needs and set goals that fit their individual learning needs! 

We strive for an optimal match between a tutor and a student based on what the learner needs, the skills and preferences of volunteers, available times as well as location.

NicerFL tutors participate in an online initial orientation and are regularly trained in using differentiated teaching methods. Our professional development trainers provide continuously materials and support as well as organize professional development workshops. The tutors have access to our educational software programs “Burlington English” and “New Readers Press” and utilize the extensive NicerFL Learning Resources bank. Our peer tutors or youth community leaders receive support in peer tutoring strategies and methods to differentiate tutoring lessons based on the learner profile.  

Once we have paired volunteer tutors and learners, they set a schedule for meeting 2 to 4 hours every week. The learning goals of each youth and adult newcomer student are pre-assessed and the tutor prepares lesson materials weekly. Currently, all tutoring sessions are via Zoom. Lessons are offered in K-12 academic subjects, English as a Second Language, Basic Literacy, career support, citizenship preparation, college entrance exam preparation, and other educational topics as needed. There is a program for everyone. Students are encouraged to practice English outside the classroom and in real-life situations. Tutors and learners commit to keeping the weekly schedule and may receive up to 100 hours of tutoring services. 

Individual Mentoring 

NicerFL recruits and trains community volunteers who assist new immigrants from their shared home countries. Based on each student’s goals, tutors can refer newcomer students to the Community Navigators for individual mentoring such as referrals to community resources, or advocating for a child or a family member. Our Community Navigators build leadership skills and gain job experience while helping their community.

Our volunteer tutors also serve as mentors who advocate for immigrant students and provide social-emotional support. Tutors and students create deep relationships in the course of their work together.