Adult Signup Form

Students interested in participating in the ESOL individual tutoring are given a CASAS assessment which measures English proficiency and then are placed in Level A, Level B, or Level C. 

  • Our adult ESOL Program is designed to develop all components of speaking, listening comprehension, reading, writing, grammar, and pronunciation – in content. 
  • The curriculum focuses on three parts: Workforce skills, life skills, and academic skills. Tutors design lessons based on the individual goals of new immigrant English Learners
  • The methodology is communicative, integrative, and student-centered, as recommended by research on language acquisition and adult learning

 Basic Literacy Skills for New Immigrants

Basic literacy skills are taught to new immigrants who are at the beginning stage of learning to read and write in any language and wish to learn English. The curriculum provides English language and literacy instruction on 3 levels:

  • Level A newcomer students may recognize that pictures represent real-life objects, and shapes represent letters but have difficulty drawing pictures or copying letters.
  • Level B newcomer students may be able to copy letters, but may not be able to write them in a dictation exercise.
  • Level C newcomer students may be able to read words representing classroom objects, but may not be able to write them in a dictation exercise.

 Student Placement

  1. CASAS Oral Screening
  2. Student obtains ≤5 points on the Oral Screening, we administer the five practice items from CASAS Form 27.
  3. Student has some difficulty completing the five practice items, we administer the FLDOE Native Language Literacy Screening. We score according to directions, and place the student in the course at the indicated level, A, B, or C. The Screening tool can be downloaded at

If the student is able to complete the five practice items without difficulty, we do not place the student in the Basic Literacy Program. The student Assessor places the student in the Adult ESOL Program.