2021 Report

In 2021, NicerFL unpaid volunteer tutors and mentors completed 412 service hours helping new immigrants in their personal journey to build a new life in SW Florida!

2 new immigrants received 47 hours of  citizenship exam preparation from 3 tutors and were able to receive their citizenship status. 1 tutor worked with 6 newcomer high school students for 288 hours to help them complete their high school credits and receive a high school diploma from Pinellas county school district. 3 mentors provided career coaching and life skills mentoring 7 new immigrants for 87 hours, helping them work toward attaining personal and professional goals

Reviews & Endorsements


“Спасибо за помощь. Особенно за ваш опыт в точном выявлении недочетов в наших знаниях и их быстром устранении. Желаем вам прилежных учеников и всех человеческих благ.
“Thank you for your help. Especially for your experience in identifying the gaps in our knowledge and quickly addressing them. We wish you good students and all of the best in your life”.

– Vladimir Donchenko

Reviews & Endorsements

“Благодарю за помощь в освоении английского языка при подготовке к экзамену на получение гражданства США.”
“Thank you for helping me learn English while I was preparing to pass the citizenship exam.”

– Natalya Donchenko

Reviews & Endorsements


“I went to my first volunteer meeting this past Saturday and I was not expecting to address a group of refugees. I thought it would be a short meeting to learn more about the organization and what they might expect from me. To my surprised I was engaged almost immediately with meeting people from Poland Ukraine and Russia. It was a nice surprise. When I introduce myself I let them know that I do not speak Russian or Ukrainian. But I do speak some Spanish. And an even bigger surprise I met a family of nine they came to United States from Ukraine but lived in Spain for seven years before they arrived. So they spoke Spanish and that is how we communicated that morning. It was very interesting process.”

– Bruce

Our heroes’ stories


‘ I was an English teacher in Bulgaria. It took me 2 years to start teaching again in the United States! Although I spoke the language, I didn’t know how to write my resume or interview for a job. I had to complete applications and take many exams, but my cousin mentored and tutored me, so I could teach again. Now I want to tutor and mentor other immigrants like me because I understand their challenges.’


“I had a business in my country and was known and respected in my town. When I came to the US, I felt powerless because I didn’t know many people. I was scared that I couldn’t get a driver’s license because I didn’t speak English. I am so grateful that I found a mentor who was helping me pass the test and find the resources I needed to support my family. “


‘ I am a refugee from Nepal. I didn’t speak English well, but I wanted to receive my high school diploma and become a nurse. My English teacher tutored me individually and helped me get my credits and pass my high school exam. Now, I am a nurse and have a good life in the United States.’


NicerFL Call for Volunteers and Donations

NicerFL- SW FL Newcomer Immigrant Educational Center is looking for volunteers and donations! We believe that what we are doing at NicerFL Immigrant Educational centers is very needed and timely because more new immigrants and Ukrainian refugees come to our local...

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