Mission Statement

NicerFL- SW Florida Newcomer Immigrant Educational Center is committed to empowering recent refugees and other new immigrants to be self-sufficient and successfully integrate in the economic, cultural and social fabric of Tampa Bay and Suncoast regions of Florida by delivering high-quality personalized, yet free educational programs and new immigrant and refugee integration support services through the volunteer work of local residents and partnerships with libraries, schools, and local community organizations.

NicerFL Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) organization, initially established on 02/01/ 20 as a Florida corporation and applied for exempt status on 2/15/2021 with 1023 EZ as an organization with a charitable and educational purpose 2a. The exempt status was received on 5/20/21 and applied from the original date of incorporation. NICERFL was registered as dba of the organization on 12/2/2020.

The abbreviation DBA of NICERFL stands for Newcomer Immigrant Educational Center, but mainly came from the need to change public thought about the value of welcoming newly arrived foreign-born people in our community. It reflects our goal to change the cycle of isolation and marginalization that comes from a lack of available welcoming educational centers that offer personalized services to families of new immigrants and refugees in Florida.

The purpose of NICERFL educational and integration support services are to quickly and effectively help the refugee and newcomer immigrant families achieve self-sufficiency, become part of their local communities, promote acculturation, increase their language proficiency and improve employability. We connect new immigrants with volunteer local residents to build cross-cultural connections and stronger inclusive local communities. We engage the whole immigrant family by offering tutoring, college counseling and well-being projects for the kids at the same time the parents are in the center receiving integration services.