Mission Statement

NicerFL, the Newcomer Immigrant Educational Center, is committed to empowering recent refugees and new immigrants for successful integration into the economic, cultural, and social life of Tampa Bay and the Suncoast regions of Florida. Established as a Florida corporation on February 2, 2020, our organization operates with a charitable and educational focus.

Through partnerships with local entities and the dedication of resident volunteers, we offer free personalized educational programs and integration support services, aiming to reshape public perceptions and break the cycle of isolation for immigrant families. Our services, geared toward achieving self-sufficiency, community inclusion, acculturation, language proficiency, and enhanced employability, extend beyond individual support. By connecting new immigrants with local volunteers and engaging entire families through tutoring, college counseling, and well-being projects, NicerFL contributes to building cross-cultural connections and fostering stronger, more inclusive local communities.