Volunteers are the heart of our organization and generously devote their personal time to ensure NicerFL new immigrant students receive the best educational services and support!

Our one-on-one volunteer tutors, conversation partner hosts, mentors and community leaders empower the immigrant newcomers with the knowledge, skills, resources and confidence they need to actively participate in their communities in SW Florida!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment for volunteer tutors/mentors? You need to commit to at least 50 hours with your student in order to make a meaningful impact and create cross-cultural connections. How do I set the schedule? Is there a set schedule? Volunteer tutors and new immigrant students set their own schedule that is most convenient to both parties. We will connect you with a student and you can work out your unique schedule. To be able to make a difference in the life of a newcomer, you should meet for 2-4 hours each week. Where will I tutor/mentor? We would like our volunteers to build personal cross-cultural connections and meet students in a public place near their home such as a library or another public space at least in the beginning. However, due to the current situation with the COVID disease, you can expect to work with new immigrants virtually via zoom. If you decide to meet face-to-face, you need to take health safety precautions. Can I work with an immigrant from a specific country, age group, etc.? Yes- you can state your preference in your volunteer application. How do I report my work? There is a Volunteer Log on the website that you need to complete after each session. This will allow you to record details and keep records. Please contact us if you need help with completing the form. What is expected of me? You need to have culture sensitivity and be open to communicating with people from different cultural groups. A respect for students’ boundaries and personal space are necessary to have a productive and enjoyable tutoring experience. How can I become a volunteer? After you complete a Volunteer Interest form, our staff will contact you and give you an orientation to our programs and the responsibilities of a volunteer. The next steps are: complete a Volunteer Application and interview, background check, and attend a virtual Volunteer Training. Then, you can meet with the student and start volunteering.

Volunteer Opportunities

Individual Tutors To be a tutor, you don’t need previous teaching experience. You don’t even need to know another language! As a volunteer tutor at NicerFL, you will be:

  • Trained to learn the essentials of teaching English learners and successful tutoring relationships
  • Provided with resources and guidance
  • Matched with a newcomer immigrant learner in your area
  • Encouraged to work with your learner for 2-4 hours per week. Currently, only remotely through zoom. (You and your learner will agree on time and place)
  • Expected to commit yourself to minimum of 50 contact hours with your learner

Conversation Partner Host Conversation partners help English learners, beginner to advanced levels, build fluency skills and speaking confidence. As a conversation partner, you will receive training how to:

  • Create a constructive and engaging learning environment
  • Encourage open and active sharing of ideas
  • Work with multi-level learners
  • Select the most beneficial conversation topics

New Student Assessor

You will interview prospective learners to determine their placement in the tutoring program and test their entry level in English. As an interviewer, you will receive training and support to:

  • Determine learner’s goals
  • Gather basic demographic information
  • Administer the CASAS test to determine English language level
  • Evaluate all of the information you collect to fully determine the needs of our students
  • Coordinate student placement with program coordinators and tutors

Career Resource Coach We are happy to have volunteers who want to share their experience in the U.S. workforce. Our Career Resource Program prepares new immigrants with the skills and resources needed to start a career in Florida. Volunteers are matched with newcomers based on their career experience and provide resources and mentoring in topics such as:

  • writing resumes
  • cover letters
  • networking for a job
  • job interview skills
  • learning about US workforce culture
  • technology skills

Community Navigator You will refer newcomers to community resources and connect them to major agencies. You will provide health, safety, and family literacy resources to parents of students K-12. With our school-age newcomer students, you may be asked to assist with parent/teacher conferences as requested by parents. As a community navigator, you may do phone calling, outreach, facilitative trainings and events with/for the community.

Youth Community Leader/peer tutor As a peer tutor, you will tutor school age students in academic subjects and English, 2-4 hours a week. Tutoring sessions will be virtual and can be done after school, evening, or weekends.

Other volunteer opportunities include acting as a board member, content contributor for our blog and website publications, community connections partner, and other. Please complete the volunteer interest form and specify how you would like to help. After you contact us or complete the Volunteer Interest form on the website, our staff will contact you to complete the volunteer onboarding process.

Steps to becoming a NICERFL Volunteer:

  1. 1. Complete the Volunteer Application Form
  2. 2. Interview with our volunteer coordinator
  3. 3. Background check (Livescan fingerprinting): You will need to do this step on your own for the safety of our students, volunteers, and staff. Results of the background check are confidential. We do not share, sell, or trade any of our applicants’ information with anyone outside our organization.
  4. 4. Complete Volunteer Training via Zoom

Start Volunteering!

Academic tutoring
  • School-age students (6-19)- after school, evening, and weekend academic subjects individual tutoring
  • Adult Literacy individual tutoring in basic reading and writing in English
  • Adult English as a Second Language tutoring (ESOL) tutoring and small groups
  • Youth and adult individual mentoring for college and test preparation-GED, FSA, ACT, SAT, high school students and adults
  • Vocational/workplace English individual tutoring and small groups in workplaces
U.S. Citizenship Tutoring
  • Civics and English language instruction
  • Referrals to Legal Services Partners on immigrant applications
  • Citizenship interview preparation
Adult Community Leader/Navigator
  • Serves as a translator and bilingual interpreter
  • Refers newcomers to community resources and connects them to major agencies 
  • Provides health, safety, and family literacy resources to parents
  • Assist with parent/teacher conferences as requested
  • Phone and social media outreach, and events in the community
Youth Community Leader/Peer Tutors
  • Tutor school age students in academic subjects and English
  • Mentor and provide social-emotional support to newcomer students
Career Resources Tutor

  • One-to-one career coaching
  • Resume and cover letter writing skills
  • Mock interview skills and job networking events
Conversation Partners

Help newcomers

  • Speak English more confidently
  • Increase understanding of American culture
  • Make valuable connections with others in the community
Administrative support
  • Filing
  • typing,
  • mailing
  • various clerical duties
  • Organize and run various fundraising events to help sustain programs
  • Grant-writing

Volunteer Opportunities 

Please read: 

Due to restrictions related to COVID-19, all NicerFL programs are online only. We are still accepting new volunteers who would like to teach remotely. If you would like us to contact you with information about volunteer opportunities, please fill out the Volunteer Inquiry.


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