Career Resource Program

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More than 60% of newcomers in Florida have a Bachelor’s degree from their home country; more than 95% have come to the U.S. eager to work.  To assist and support their efforts to join the workforce and obtain meaningful employment, NicerFL created the Career Resource Program

The program integrates English language instruction with job readiness preparation.  Through career education, learners work with a mentor who is matched to their career interest. Areas of support include an introduction to the American workforce, resume-writing support, mock interview practice, cover letter writing support, job search resources, and referrals to educational and training programs.  Enrollment in the program begins with an assessment interview, to assess each learner’s needs and career skills.  Those with professional credentials or specific career goals are matched with a Career coach, who provides additional guidance and support during the job search process. This comprehensive approach to career readiness empowers our learners to take full advantage of their professional potential.  

The Career Resource Program provides comprehensive career readiness and support to job seekers and those looking to advance their careers with developing:.

  • Resume writing skills 
  • Social media training
  • Computer skills for job searches
  • Networking skills and events
  • Community Resources
  • Guide to U.S. work culture
  • Cover letter workshops
  • Mock interview skills and event
  • One-to-one career coaching

After Completing the Career Resource Program Students Have:

  • An up-to-date and well-constructed U.S. resume
  • A well-written cover letter
  • Experienced a mock interview
  • Accounts on job sites
  • The right tools needed to find meaningful work and career advancement.

Please complete this form to be contacted about enrollment in the Career Resource Program: